SATCOM Systems

SATCOM Systems is your one source for installation and maintenance of video communication networks. Our certified and industry trained field technicians are experience in a variety of transport media that include Satellite, Fiber, Coax, and Ethernet. With a 35 year presence in the radio/TV, Cable TV and ISP/IPTV platforms. SATCOM Systems personnel are proficient and equipped with the latest in test and support procedures.

SATCOM supports institutional vertical markets including Education, Healthcare, State and Federal Government and Private Enterprises/Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Installation of large aperture receive-only and broadcast antennae, 3m to 7meters
  • Downlink satellite network installation, service and management
  • Large-scale network deployments and project management

Performance assurance and security - CCG provides 24x7x365 support


Our Focus

  • High Definition Television Service for Business and Institutions
  • Video and IPTV distribution systems
  • Head-end design and implementation
  • SMATV system installation
  • Broadband cable systems

Performance assurance and security - CCG provides 24x7x365 support

Digistar VSAT Satellite Platform

Digistar VSAT broadband services connect customers in some of the most remote regions and provide multiple solutions to their communication needs. Digistar satellite broadband services can be deployed almost anywhere, making them ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites.

Specialized to your requirements – Our customers benefit from our personalized application of cost-effective and secure voice, high-speed data and video internet connections. Easily deployed portable VSAT solutions are tailored for optimal delivery in communications, disaster recovery and security applications.

Turnkey solutions –The in-house capability to offer total turnkey solutions for a VSAT network and currently supports hundreds of satellite telecommunications installations nationwide.

Customized - The Digistar VSAT satellite broadband service can connect all your sites on a single satellite and can be customized to suit any unique requirement. We offer both low priced shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth with high throughput, thereby offering a solution to suit every customer.

Digistar’s VoIP platform delivers enterprise-class, low latency calls for remote connectivity in any environment, using the i-Direct V-SAT Hub. Each solution is tailored to every customer’s specific requirements, guaranteeing high quality, business grade calls. The Digistar VoIP platform utilizes customized call routing delivering the call to the PST quickly and efficiently, ensuring calls are easily routed to remote phones, office phones or mobile phones. Digistar’s VoIP over satellite provides office quality connectivity from any remote site and is ideal for remote sites, where satellite can reach but traditional fixed-line or cellular cannot. Digistar VoIP can be deployed across a range of industries including oil and gas, mining, defense, government, construction and disaster recovery.

The oil & gas industry demands efficient and reliable high-throughput connectivity for bridging headquarters IT systems, technical experts, pipeline facilities, and drilling platforms to each other.

The Digistar Satellite Interactive Terminals ( SITs) are ideal for withstanding harsh environments and remote areas. With high-availability and throughput and 24x7 customer service, the Digistar system provides secure IP networking necessary for the voice, data, corporate communication, and large file transfer needs for the Oil & Gas industry. With mobile, transportable, and stationary options, the Digistar system supports various conditions for connecting, oil rigs and gas platforms with the same common network.

Performance assurance and security - CCG provides 24x7x365 support


CCG is proud to introduce Mini-Link. Designed from the ground up as an economical Mobile VSAT with the focus of high quality “Streaming” of video content live events and a mobile internet presence anywhere, The Mini-Link is fitted with the latest VSAT and encoding technology. Mini Link’s systems include Advantech's 1.2m Carbon Fiber ENTERPRISE120, auto-pointing antenna system,50 watt BUC, utilizing GaN /SSPA and i-Direct X-7 modems. Mini-Link is fully self-contained, with on board power generation. Data Rates from 64K to 20 Mbps in the return Link and up to 155 Mbps Forward are achievable. The mobile platform can support both shared and SCPC return links and provide remote cellular hot-spots in under-served locations.